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The reviews available online are very mixed (either very good or horrible). You is a global singles community and matchmaking service.However, in the past year there seems to be a concerted effort by the Vietnamese Government to crackdown on “undesirables” which includes “backpackers”, illegally employed Chinese/non-Vietnamese Asians, and Africans that are accused of propagating drugs and prostitution.Nowadays, most people entering Vietnam can only obtain 1 month/3 month tourist visa’s which they can at most renew twice from within Vietnam for a maximum 9 month stay in Vietnam.You should get a receipt that shows the date that you can pick up your Passport and pay the fee for the application.It should only take a week for you to get back your passport with a red and blue stamp approving your extension.If you or your parents were born in Vietnam or if you are married to a current or former Vietnamese citizen, you do have another option if you wish to stay in Vietnam for an extended period of time…..it’s called the 5 Year Visa Exemption (Mien Thi Thuc).In an effort to boost the number of overseas Vietnamese that come to Vietnam and infuse the country with money and investments…2007, the Government of Vietnam passed a bill which allows people who meet specific conditions to stay in Vietnam for 5 years (90 days continuous) without being required to have a Visa.

If either you or your parents were born in Vietnam you only need to mail the following items to the Vietnam Embassy in San Francisco or Washington D. 5.) money order ( for the certificate, processing fee) – update February 2013!!

If you are employed in Vietnam, it is the responsibility of your employer to obtain a work permit for you.

Many employers are not willing to go through the trouble and expense (about 0) of filing for a work permit, except for their most valued employees.

I was told that they used to allow extensions for up to 1 year…recently due to the crackdown on foreigners in Vietnam, the maximum extension allowed is capped at 90 days.

So you will have to repeat this process 4 times a year unless you leave the country before your 90 days are up.

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I am not going to delve into the process of what it takes obtain a work permit since many other expat blogs have already expounded on this issue.

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