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Sadly, some Christians may be dealing with residual guilt from premarital sexual experiences, and as a result, they have assumed that sex and sin are all but synonymous.They don't have the freedom to think about sex, read about sex or plan a sexual encounter with their spouse without feeling like they are dishonoring God.Just from a design aspect, it's amazing to consider this wonderful creation of God that our culture describes with that simple three-letter word — sex.Though sex can be extremely pleasurable, that's not God's only purpose.(If you’re an astute literary agent or publisher, I’d love to hear from you).Here in this blog, I’m sharing my stories and what I learn with you. After initially feeling boxed in by the cougar myth, I reclaimed status for myself and for all the millions of women embracing their second phase of life. Through heartfelt memoirs I will share my transformation from eager ingénue new to the ever-changing lingo and etiquette, bad behaviour, undisclosed expectations and in-your-face dick pics!First and foremost (beyond reproduction, of course), I believe God created this physical act to preserve the marriage and renew the bonds of affection between husband and wife.Studies have shown a clear connection between the frequency of sexual intercourse within a marriage and the overall satisfaction of that marriage. Juli Slattery, than a finished toy — you have to build it, rebuild it and put some effort into fully enjoying it.

The past decade has led to an explosion of understanding about the chemical interactions of our brains, and we've gained many insights about sex and marriage.There are many lovely places in Ukraine where snowskiing and snowboarding holidays can be taken.We at Ukraine Adventures however highly recommend and specialise in winter holidays to 2 great resorts, Bukovel and Dragobrat.We would be honoured to be of assistance to you whether you are travelling to Ukraine on holiday or on business.Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have.

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My search for intimacy, meaning and pleasure fits within the context of alternatives to monogamy and thumbing my nose at relationship conventions.

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