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A while ago, I was discussing going to a spa with my local mummy friend.

She was struggling to get a babysitter and said she might not be able to join me. - I questioned naturally, as I knew she lived nearby.- Are you kidding?

Moreover, the Shah Deniz Stage 2 will be the cornerstone of the Southern Gas Corridor linking Caspian resources directly with the European gas market for the first time.

In terms of timeline, we are targeting to deliver first gas to Turkey in 2018 and expect to get this new source of Caspian gas to Europe by 2020.

'BP’s future gas plans for the Caspian are currently focused on developing the next tranche of gas from Shah Deniz Stage 2.

It is a huge project, which will deploy subsea production technology in the Caspian and will use advanced drilling solutions to produce wells at some of the world’s highest rates.

All these efforts have helped us strongly adapt to the current challenging conditions allowing us to continue our investments in major projects including the ones that we operate in Azerbaijan.

I am confident that with the effective plans that we have in place for efficiency increase, we will continue to deliver competitive performance in this very challenging environment In parallel, we also make sure that safety remains our top priority and is not compromised while delivering the business objectives that we have set for Azerbaijan and the region where we have been very successful maintaining safe and reliable operations for over two decades.

The whole purpose in life for an Azeri grandmother is to look after her grandchildren.Having said this, I would also like to highlight that our projects in Azerbaijan are long-term and very important to us and to the country.We are committed to the region and to the projects that we operate here.- She said incredulously- I could never ask her to baby-sit for me . You might think you did OK (better than my husband anyway) if she can cook all those elaborate Azeri dishes. ) that she would behave like a good Muslim wife and never nag, demand or argue.She might claim that her parents would be happy with her immigrating.

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On drilling, I’d like to highlight that drilling performance in both Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) and Shah Deniz is a success story.

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