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Also debt collectors have no jurisdiction withour a court order hi all, i am facing the same problem as i had my membership as their festive offer for a month for 5pound which i subscribed by online mode and i wasnt happy with the service seems very dozzy and scam so never visited the site as i thought i purchased for a month so never think about any further on 18th april i received online transation alert call from my bank so i stop the payment by forbiding any payment to this scamer company and send them email that i am no more interested in there service and i received auto message to contact there customer sevice but after a week i discovered that they widrawn 149 pound from my a/c so i envolved my bank and they recovered my money followed that bank involvement i sent another mail to them along with faxing them to cancel my a/c. The only reason BE2 customer service gave was that i have "used their services for denied purposes", which is utterly ridiculous as i had done nothing inappropriate.I didnot received any communication today i received the mail for the payment along with the legal action threat i have mail him again that they cant cheat people like now am looking for some legal suggestion in this regard .thanks I am a victim from Singapore. BE2 customer service ignored all my emails requesting for clear explanation on why my account was blocked.I wish i had read about them on the net before I joined. I promptly sent them copies of about 15 emails showing my attempt to resolve the matter and imagine my surprise (and delight) when I received a reply the other day saying that it was "unethical to pursue this debt and it has been closed" at their end!!!! I may start a facebook group about them and if i could find the FB owners email address I would ask them to remove their adverting as this is where i first saw the ad. I must admit that in this age of computers, many sites seem to only have automated replies which have nothing to do with questions raised. HERE COMES THE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since then, b2 has been reacting as a super professional worldwide dating chain company(compare to their reluctance of writing back to me on how to cancel my membership, I wrote them many emails but didn;t get any email back, they have no customer service phone number either).I received this wanrning email said I have till what date to pay my outstanding amount with b2.The terms and conditions where hard to find and when I did find them they were contradictory and confusing.

Now I received my credit card bill and they have charged me 9.94 for which I did not approve.

They emailed to say I had not replied to their offer on time- to which i resent my original (on time) email! However I contacted my bank last night and explained this story- they are taking the £150 back and crediting my account.

They have also put a stop on Be2 being able to take any further funds from my account. Took out the AU short-term subscription and received a message from a member which I considered to be offensive. Suddenly I found my access blocked before the short term finished. And, like everybody else, just got those automated replies telling me I owed them a ridiculous membership fee. I quoted them clauses from their T&Cs and then got an email saying that I, me, myself had sent an offensive message and had been blocked accordingly!!!!!! To cut a very long story short I got an email from a debt collection agency demanding EU147.

After 1 month, I found my creditcard bill has shown a amount of 179CDN, I looked it up and found it was charged by be2 for a regular membership monthly fee.

I called my creditcard company told them this was an unauthorized transaction so I got my money back.

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  1. For my money, you did the right thing, but should have waited to deliver it in person; I would have hit him with it in person the second he came through the door, after your guest left, of course.