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“If you follow some basic tips, a lot of times what happens is a hacker will move on to an easier target,” he said. “You don't have to be a cyber security expert in your home. But if you follow some basic practices to stay safe, they'll move on.” Julie E.

“He was typing inappropriate things, saying, ‘now you're making me mad, I'm going to take more money out of your banking account,'” she said. Never respond to an email asking for your user name and password, even if it looks official.• If you suspect you have been hacked, usually the best thing to do is shut your internet connection immediately.Smith's daughter-in-law, Jenna Mc Clafferty, witnessed the incident when it was happening. He knew that my husband and I were there.” Smith called 911. But state police from the Kittanning station – who are investigating the crime – came to her Main Street home.Because she is good with computers, her in-laws asked her to come to the house and see what was happening for herself. “The hacker was saying all kinds of provocative things. When they walked in, the hacker typed: “You should have never called the cops.” The state troopers investigating could not be reached for comment, but Smith said they helped the family find the camera on their computer and cover it up.

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Caesar Creek State Park is highlighted by clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, meadows, and steep ravines.

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