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Among such services as case management, danger-to-safety relocation, legal consultations for mothers seeking divorce and custody, payment of initial legal retainers, housing assistance and funds to help with emergency needs such as issuing American passports, there is also 24 hour response to emails, as well as international phone options.

One of the most active places where domestic violence victims and survivors converse is on this website's Facebook page.

If your struggles with these pressures seem to be going on for weeks or months it could also be a sign of a bigger problem like depression or anxiety.

Whoever you like and whatever you identify as - it doesn’t matter.

Though the forum and chat do not boast the same numbers as some of the larger organizations, they are one of the more active conversation places on the Internet currently. As it suggests, this resource focuses on teen relationships and can be accessed by phone, text or live chat.

I am going to list some of them because there is an important theme, if you care to read.

There is daily conversation, people sharing opinions, past experiences and unvarnished stories, and occasional advice from professionals that have joined in on a topic, all within the context of an archive of articles on a wide range of domestic violence topics.

This unique site works to connect people with similar interests, needs and experience on a massive variety of topics, one of which is domestic violence.

Therefore, I thought I would answer a couple of questions that men sometimes ask us on the helpline concerning prostate or testicular examination and how to cope with this. I think […] Continue Reading As we approach Movember I thought might post about a topic that some men have talked to us about on the helpline – their sexual health. I’m sexually active and, although I don’t have any symptoms, it’s a long time since I had a sexual health check-up.

I find being poked and prodded […] Continue Reading #metoo Wow, what a shit storm that just brought up in me.

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