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Leading evangelist and megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie has warned his congregation that it's a biblical fact that more people are going to be damned to Hell than will receive salvation in Heaven, adding that some "good people" will be condemned while some "bad people" are saved.Laurie, the lead pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship based in Riverside, California, gave a sermon this past Sunday morning titled "The Biblical Worldview of the Afterlife.""There are so many crazy ideas about Heaven and the afterlife in general.After his initial jump in 1996, which was a parachute jump on static line from 3,500ft from a cold and windy North Devon Drop Zone, he was 'hooked'.He currently works for Fujitsu Defence, developing new Business in the Air domain.Yet, I have met Christians that, in effect, believe a version of that."Laurie stressed that Heaven will have some "bad people" and Hell will have some "good people."Laurie listed off different types of people who will go to Hell, including those who reject the offer of God's forgiveness, self-righteous people who think they have done enough good things to get into Heaven without a real belief in Christ's salvation and even non-believing churchgoers."Bad people, who are now forgiven people because they put their faith in Christ, are going to be in Heaven.'Good people,' who are nice, considerate, always drove the speed limit in the carpool lane in their Prius, they do good things, but you are not good enough apart from Christ to get to Heaven," Laurie explained.Mr Corsan flew in a custom-made suit – similar to the shape of a flying squirrel – fitted to his body and equipped with an oxygen mask, a Sat Nav and heated gloves to avoid wind burns, braving temperatures as low as minus 112 Fahrenheit with the wind chill.If his feat is approved by Guinness, he will have set a new benchmark for the fastest speed flown in a wingsuit and have become the fastest person in the world to move horizontally without the use of machinery.

Jim always brings Top Headline comedians to his events...This is popularized by people who have claimed to have had near-death experiences," the 64-year-old preacher said, adding that polls have shown that many people believe in Heaven but don't believe in God.Laurie asserted that there is only one reliable source on the afterlife and that is the Bible."[T]hat is why we want to look at it for a few moments because before you know it, we are going to be in the afterlife," he said. " Laurie asked, as he signaled for congregants to raise their hands. If you believe the Bible, that is what it says."Although Laurie warned that most people are going to Hell, he assured that Christians can be confident that they are going to Heaven."When a Christian dies, they go to Heaven.We are your one stop shop for everything happening in So Cal that pertains to singles.We are planning dances, sporting events, weekend cruises to Mexico, poker nights, dinners, wine tasting, bonfires on the beach, sailings, bike rides and much more.

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If you are not a Christian when you die, you go to Hell," he explained. So, we make it our goal to please Him whether we are at home in the body or away from it.'"Laurie explained that the minute Christians breathe their last breath on Earth, they breathe their first breath in Heaven."Paul said, 'I have a desire to depart and be with Christ.' He didn't say, I have a desire to depart and take a really long nap or go into some kind of soul sleep or go to purgatory or be reincarnated," Laurie said. The biblical worldview is that when a Christian dies, they go straight to Heaven, to be with Christ, which is far better."Laurie then explained that the real reason that most people go to Hell is not because they have committed sins, but because they are non-believers who have not asked for Jesus to forgive their sins."Jesus says in John , 'He that believes in Me is not condemned.

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