Chrome not updating java

Windows users can check for the program in the Add/Remove Programs listing in Windows, or visit and click the “Do I have Java? Updates also should be available via the Java Control Panel or from

If you really need and use Java for specific Web sites or applications, take a few minutes to update this software.

It is typically because your browser cannot start Java.

Most java issues can be resolved with the steps below.

A 64-bit version of Java won't run with a 32-bit browser.

The latest versions of Java let users disable Java content in web browsers through the Java Control Panel.

The company has been quietly migrating Java 7 users to Java 8, but if this hasn’t happened for you yet and you really need Java installed in the browser, grab a copy of Java 8.

The recommended version is Otherwise, seriously consider removing Java altogether.

As new versions of Java and browsers (IE and Firefox) are released, Kronos users accessing the "Full (Java)" version may encounter an issue getting into Kronos.

Such as the first Kronos page not loading fully after logging on.

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