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But at that point, from being very sceptical, seeing that [Classmates] had thousands of users, I thought we could do it a lot simpler and a lot better.

Because of jobs and babies and things like that we didn’t get around to it until the spring of 2000.” JP: “It only took us a couple of weeks to create a basic system.

There was an awful lot of looking back around then, with the millenium, with programmes on TV looking back at the 1980s and 1970s and school days, and there’s the idea of school reunions - they’re horrendous.

The first we knew about it was when we got home and found that our site was down.” JP: “At that point we had one little machine and it just stopped working.

We'd gone from 20 or 30 registrations a day to a thousand in a couple of hours.” SP: “We found what had happened by looking through message boards.

One of the few online dating sites encouraging direct feedback from users in order to improve their service.

If you are looking for something else other than a friendship/love partner with one man/woman, this site is not for you.

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