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Not only should you endeavor to make eye-contact with women, you should watch for the women who’re trying to catch eye.

Someone who’s actively trying to make eye-contact is more likely to be open to an approach.

She’ll be facing outwards towards the room, rather than facing the bar or her friends.

Her arms will be angled away from her torso; crossed arms are a defensive, closed-off signal that says “go away”.

Eye contact is incredibly powerful and intimate; in fact, studies have found that prolonged eye-contact can trigger feelings of love and passion in people.It’s the “look back” part that’s important; it’s a subtle and often flirty way of checking to see if you’re still interested.That smile is to let you know she’s pleased that you’re still checking her out and you should come over and start talking.Of course, while there’re women who get flustered when they’re caught looking at people they’re interested in, there are also those who’re considerably more open about conveying their interest.prefer to be the approached rather than the approacher.

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