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You do remember how often you surprised your girl while you were wooing her, don’t you? Is it because you believe she’s not special anymore or is it because you believe you don’t need to woo her anymore? #5 Don’t make decisions for her without asking her.

This is something most guys do when they’re in a committed relationship.

If you can win the best-boyfriend or best-husband poll amongst your woman’s friends, your woman will definitely think you’re a catch worth holding on to!

[Read: 10 tips to be a perfectly happy couple that’s envied by all] #12 Be the sex god.

No matter how big your financial role is in the relationship, you need to remember that you don’t own your partner and you should never make decisions on your woman’s behalf without asking her opinion. It’s easy to take your woman’s considerate nature for granted, especially if she’s sweet and caring.

It’s a man’s attitude to give up when he feels helpless.If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s how competitive they are. You want to be the best in everything there is, be it your games, your work or your love life.And that’s one of the things I love about men and their attitude towards life.Remember, she’s not obligated to do something for you just because you feel that way. Learn to appreciate your woman with sweet words now and then and her blush will definitely be worth the effort!After all, homemaking is not an exclusive woman’s job, nor is taking care of you her only priority in life. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girl and make her blush] #4 Surprise her often.

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