Dating an aries male

In many ways, they are self-contained, but they are in love with love, always interested in the excitement of romance and sexuality.

It's just that they have many other interests, and this is one of the reasons why they're such a great catch for strong partners. It's important to remember that hunters love a good chase. Frequently they're the "bad boys" (with a strong hint of the "great guy" underneath the surface) that many women love.

The trick is to keep Aries' interest in order to keep that initial spark alive.

This involves stimulating conversation, a few adventures, as well as lively moments that can even include arguments. Partners of Aries need to reinvent themselves every now and again, although Aries is quite adept at keeping things moving as well.

Aries rules the head and face, and these are the corresponding erogenous zones.

They're masters of the flirt, and they win others over with an almost innocent directness.

The Aries man is the one who cuts to the chase--he has an opening line that might earn a slap if it weren't delivered with such a mischievous and irresistible smile.

Even the shy ones can come out and say something so refreshing that you can't help but be enchanted.

First-borns are often leaders--they're the first to head out into the world, and they accept the responsibilities that come with their status. They'll make you laugh, their enthusiasm is hearty, and their directness refreshing.

Never a shrinking violet, Aries women won't play to a male ego by pretending to be helpless, but if they think you're fabulous, they will say so.

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