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“The revolution was an earthquake to the cultural status of women in Libya,” Iman told Human Rights Watch.

“We don’t want to lose what we’ve gained as Libyan women.” Selwa echoed this view: “We had never participated before in protests, these were taboo.

Women’s voices are critical to prepare a constitution that meets international standards for women’s rights.

Second, the future constitution should guarantee full equality between men and women with an explicit reference to gender equality in its text.

Third, the GNC and future parliaments should repeal or amend Gaddafi-era laws and regulations that subject women to discrimination and abuse, including gender-specific violence, unequal personal status laws, and an ambiguous nationality law.

Libya’s women, however, are accustomed to facing challenges.“I have waited my whole life for tomorrow, which will be a new day for Libya,” said Nowara, who would be voting for the first time in her life.For many Libyans, the July 7 elections marked the end of a long and difficult chapter in their lives and the start of a more hopeful era.Article 375 of the penal code contains less severe criminal sentencing for perpetrators of so-called honor crimes. 70 (1973) on zina (adultery and fornication) discourages victims of sexual assault from seeking justice.Fourth, the Libyan government and GNC should work to end discrimination against women in all aspects of the country’s public and political life, end impunity for violence and domestic violence against women, and challenge negative stereotypes of women.

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