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Emergency medical workers responding to a 911 call from the friend declared DJ AM dead at the scene. DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, had twittered recently that he had finished wrapping up an MTV reality show about drug addiction.

Prescription drugs and a crack pipe were found at the scene.

- If you were dating a firefighter would you go to every house fire he had to put out? -If you are the girlfriend and not the manager, stay out of the business side of things. Don't stand by the booth and mean-mug everyone that comes up !

As easy as we make this look, it does require a bit of practice. I just had a night full of grown men asking me to play "Call me Maybe" for their girlfriend's birthday, plus sloppy drunk chicks asking me if I know Afrojack.

DJ AM — the celebrity club disc jockey known for dating starlets, collecting hundreds of sneakers and surviving a horrific plane crash — was found dead an apparent overdose in his So Ho apartment today, police said.

Cops found prescription drug bottles inside DJ AM’s residence at 210 Lafayette St.

After all, wasn't DJ AM recently engaged to Nicole Richie? That's almost as many pounds as Lionel's daugther has put on the last nine years. Anyway, it appears as though Nicole has moved on with Samuel Plouchart - and now the DJ is stepping out with a new leading lady, as well.

The band posted on its website Tuesday that it would delay a series of upcoming shows so that Barker could "mourn the loss of his dear friend, Adam Goldstein."I write about movies for, which means I spend way too much time thinking about the geekiest possible ways to approach the cineplex.

Doesn’t it seem like Nicole Richie and the father of her child, Joel Madden, have been dating forever?

The former couple was first spotted stepping out last December.

The celebrity DJ, who famously survived a plane crash last September with collaborator Travis Barker, was found dead in New York City on Friday. Police sources also told on Friday evening, asking for privacy for Goldstein’s family.“Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein was found deceased this afternoon in his New York City apartment.

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