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Students may only participate in the exchange for a cumulative total of one calendar year, defined as an academic year and a summer session.A short-term exchange program is also known as summer/intensive or cultural exchange program.Costs for the program vary by the country and institution.Participants fund their participation via scholarships, loans, or self-funding.

Long-term (10 to 12 month) exchange applications and interviews generally take place 10 months in advance of departure, but sometimes as little as four months.

Some programs require students to pass a standardized test for English language comprehension prior to being accepted into a program taking them to the United States. Most exchange students become fluent in the language of the host country within a few months.

Some exchange programs, such as the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange, are government-funded programs.

A long-term exchange is one which lasts six to ten months or up to one full year.

Participants attend high school in their host countries, through a student visa.

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