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They may totally understand your Momthulhu challenges because, you know, they may have had challenges with her, too.

If she's footing the bill, she'll probably be thinking that the guests will see all of .The Secretary opened the briefing by reminding us that Veterans didn’t invent the process of applying for benefits. Now, not only is it our job to help Veterans navigate the current system, we must augment the system by bringing technological advances and business practices together in . As old school as the sentiment is, Secretary Shinseki nailed it—we are striving to bring Vets the whole enchilada: integrated technological systems that provide easy access to the benefits Veterans are entitled to, avoiding another claims backlog, and chipping away at the backlog that already exists.Two weeks ago, VA released the Fast Track claims processing system (see note below regarding Fast Track).We also did the whole project in less than 150 days for million less than we thought. For more information about electronic claims processing, see this post about our 5-millionth electronically processed claim.I would like to think that the next time I have Mexican food in our cafeteria it’s a way of celebrating one step to breaking the back of the backlog—to creating an enchilada of technological advances that benefits Veterans navigating our compensation and pension system.

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We’ve re-engineered the way we do business to make this automated process a success. Note: Since the date of this post, the Fast Track process has been discontinued.

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