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It shouldn’t come from a teen Bible.” The author said she’s concerned that a grandmother might purchase the “True Images” Bible and give it to her granddaughter, not realizing its content.

“What’s wrong with giving them just the Bible,” Mc Donald asked, “and then encouraging relationships where girls can ask questions of parents?

“If the ‘real world’ of public school exposes them to oral sex, pregnant 14-year-old friends, homosexuality, rape, fornication, etc., the answer isn’t to ‘talk about it’ in some hip teen book,” she said.

Public access to information about registered sexual offenders is intended solely as a means of public protection, any other use prohibited. It made me realize that God does understand what a girl has to go through with everybody – parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, boyfriends and temptations.” Another teen girl stated: “I truly believe that God has blessed me with this Bible to get a better understanding about dating and flirting and about me and my body, and I thank you for making the Bible that way, in that kind of style.” Assaulting purity Mc Donald said she doesn’t believe Zondervan’s contention that “virtually every” teen girls is aware of and concerned about the matters discussed in the “True Images” Bible.“If they do know [about these issues],” she said, “it’s the parents’ responsibility to share these things with their children in a protected way.The “True Images” Bible, published by Zondervan, promises on its dustcover to “strengthen your relationship with God, family, friends and guys.” While the book includes the entire text of the New International Version of the Bible, it’s the “over 1,000 relevant and compelling notes and articles” that have critics upset.The “In Focus” profiles are peppered throughout the text of the Bible and deal with subjects like sex, pregnancy, alcoholism, dating, homosexuality, depression, pornography and flirting. It’s like he’s got this secret life.” The feature then advises girls in Lorraine’s situation to “talk with a trusted Christian adult about the issue.

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