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The Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido is a planisphere inscribed on black marble that was completed in 1395 during the reign of King Taejo; according to its inscription, it is based on a star chart from ancient Goguryeo that was lost during wartime.

It is known as the world’s second oldest star chart engraved in stone, after the Chinese Suzhou Star Chart of 1247.

The hwacha was invented in 1409, but saw its greatest use during the Imjin War, most famously in the Battle of Haengju.

Hwachas were used against both land and sea targets.

The world's earliest naval gunships armed with mounted cannons were used to great success in 1380 at the Battle of Jinpo, in which Goryeo ships decimated Wokou pirates using newly developed gunpowder and cannons by Choe Museon.

The cheonbochong (천보총/千步銃), or the "thousand paces gun", was a type of jochong matchlock musket invented in Joseon during the reign of King Sukjong (1674–1720).

Examples of Korean wood pagodas are: Hwangnyongsa and Palsangjeon of Silla.However, the Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido's stellar positions indicate an epoch dating back to the first century AD, thus making it the oldest actual representation of the stars in the world.It was constructed in Seorabeol, the capital of Silla, during the reign of Queen Seondeok in the 7th century.Greenhouses in which the temperature could be manually manipulated first appeared in 15th century Korea.The 15th century treatise, the Sanga Yorok, contains descriptions of greenhouses designed to regulate the temperature and humidity requirements of plants and crops.

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Korean fortresses were based on a stone culture and built using stones, and often incorporated natural mountainous terrain, and therefore were conceptually completely different compared to Chinese fortresses, which were based on an earth culture and built using bricks from earth.

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