Dating tips for the single mom

Maintain the appropriate boundaries to protect your children from forming any attachment to a guy you just enjoy going to the movies with. If you are just casually dating the guy you shouldn’t bring him home and introduce him as your boyfriend.

This will give the kids the wrong idea especially if the relationship isn’t serious.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to constantly think of the kids when you are out on a date.

Some guys actually do want their dates to be paying attention to them when they are having dinner. Having kids doesn’t prevent you from having fun and interacting with the opposite sex.

If it isn’t a serious relationship then you shouldn’t spend too much time away from home.

Don’t expect your guy to do any baby sitting duties any time soon.

Yes, we would like love in our lives and it stinks that the father of our child or other coparent is not the big love we may have hoped for, but we aren't desperately posting on Craigslist for some guy to save us.

Sure, after some of our marriages and relationships have dissolved, we may be lonely and wanting sex and companionship.

Is dating even in your horizon if you’re a single mom? Being a mom doesn’t mean that your social life has to suffer.

The relationship between your significant other and your children will reflect the level of commitment you two have.

You don’t have to jump into a relationship with the first person you are attracted to.

Don’t listen to those critics who think that you should stay at home and watch after the kids.

You can too have fun on a Saturday night, you can also be dating and heaven knows you can even have sex.

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If you don’t want them to be participating in extramarital sex then you probably shouldn’t do it yourself.

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