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It isn’t easy to hear criticism, no matter how gently stated or constructive, of your work, your creative baby.

But if you’re to grow as a writer, you must learn not to let it cripple your creativity—or light your fuse.

Simply because someone is a writer that doesn’t mean their opinion is right, nor should it override your own—no matter how strongly they state it.

I’ve discovered there tends to be two distinct reactions to this feedback: 1) A knee jerk reaction to accommodate every criticism; the blind race to make changes; or 2) The immediate fevered and defensive response explaining why your way is the only way.

If you can’t, critiquing with another writer is definitely not for you.By contrast alpha decay produces a daughter atom with an atomic number lower than the parent by two, and beta decay produces a daughter atom with an atomic number higher than the parent by one.In both cases a mass spectrometer can easily tell the difference between the original atom and the product. There are gamma emitters that aren't simply due to an excited nucleus.However, the ones that occur naturally are part of the uranium decay sequence.They are not at either end of the chain and thus measuring the quantity relative to their parents or daughters only tells you the ratio of the half lives, almost nothing about the age of the item.

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