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A lot of people around him use it because of the high money it gets, but they do have a high price to pay in the end.The Drinking: In the game, Niko can go to bars and drink with his friends, then become drunk.

Language: I will admit there is a ton of bad language in this game, but it is nothing that your child hasn't heard before.

If you do, your character will be dizzy, and the screen too. There are a few cigarettes around, but there are also narcotics such as cocaine. YOUR KIDS WILL FIND OUT WHAT THESE THINGS ARE SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!! In this review I will state the postitive and negative for a parent with the decision of letting their child own this game.

One mission actually has you kill a bunch of other criminals, to get some stupid cocaine, and then kill a bunch of swat members. Lets start with the negative: in GTA there is large amount of sex, violence, drugs and the consumpsion of alchohol.

If your really that concerned about language, turn off the tv volume and turn on subtitles.

Sex: A lot of people think that there is tons of sexual content in this game. There is partial nudity at the strip club, but it is quite hard to find the strip club, and even if you do find it, you probrally won't even know that you can go in. The main character, Niko, dispises drugs and can't stand people who use them which makes his a positive role model. And btw this game is fantastic and has amazing graphics. Also this game teaches kids about landmarks and buildings in New York City.

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3) Language: This was the biggest problem for me, because I couldn't find a way to avoid it. The "F" word is sometimes used as a sexual term too.

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