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I was dared to wash my SUV at a public car wash in the nude. He loves to see the morning sun shining through the blinds against my skin. Once again they are pictures of girls kissing other girls. Both the guys and girls here on the site think it's hot to see two women kissing and so I thought it would be a fun set of pics to display. - Webmaster I'm BBN and I met a guy online that opened my eyes to ANAL and boob bondage.

With his camera ever ready, he snapped some pictures of me wearing nothing but light. Girls I hope this inspires you to try it and guys I hope it's something you might show your wife/girlfriend and hopefully convince her to try it ... He always insists on telling me that he likes the idea of putting me on display so here I am. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and our sex life has been getting a little, shall I say boring.

My husband and I read the e-mail and decided to do it but did not set a time.

But the wife and I went to Hedo 3 for our anniversary and had a blast.

Well I had a Monday off and deided to what else drink and have fun with my husband and some friends.

I was drinking Coors Light which never gets me drunk but this time It did a pretty good job.

These pictures were from just a regular day of the week.

We had come home from a party, and I had the camera on hand already so I just naturally pointed it at her and well I got some ...

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flashing hubby from across the parking lot when he comes to pick me ... Just a quick reminder to make sure you have the word 'DARE' in the subject line of any email you send to me. Me and my Husband LOVE the pizza boy dares we wish there were more bold people doing them.

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