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Maybe I don’t first hand know it, but I’m familiar with it.Few things are hotter than a fat person who just gives zero fucks what the world thinks of them. And this is where most of my conflicts around actually dating people who “struggle with their weight” come in.People may also treat fat women worse for other reasons (and, I think this needs to be the focus of any activism) but physically responding to fat bodies does not seem any more fetishistic than physically responding to thin bodies.In fact, thinking that it does seems deeply counter to fat acceptance.“Fetishes” are when people are attracted to something that’s not a common turn on, and a person’s body (fat, thin, or whatever) seems like, literally, the most normal thing to be turned on by. I have to be a lot more cautious about openly appreciating a fat persons physical attributes if it’s related to their fatness.I’m a bit of a “loosely typed” bisexual so I find myself attracted to a lot of different kinds of people. Just last year, I was like “I think I’m going to be a lesbian.

I wasn’t attracted to him in spite of the fact that he was a boozy drifter, I was into him of it.

I’ve seen similar movements for people with certain types of disabilities, or gender expressions, or whatever.

I told a friend I was working on a porn site, and they said “I hope it’s a queer, feminist, body positive porn site” and I was like “that sounds like the least sexy porn site ever.” Actually, I think my exact words were closer to “anything that politically correct would make my tits fall off” but same diff. I keep trying to settle things down, to narrow my field so I can know where to look for people I like.

She described herself as “ratty femme” and was blunt in this Australian way, and would talk to me about things SF lesbians get weird about (like, being attracted to men.) I ended up making out with her at her Airbnb, and was so turned on when I left I felt dizzy.

I’d made out with a handful of butch women while casually dating, but none of them had turned me on like that. Trying to get yourself to be into something is also dumb.

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“Just you seem like someone who knows where it’s at.” He then proceeded to talk about himself for five minutes, telling me that he was “more monster than man” and that he’d be in the park tomorrow if I wanted to come see him. I realized that I didn’t feel safe around someone that drunk, and that I really should hold out for people interested in me not just my attention. But, the heart wants what it wants (or, maybe vag in this case.) It is a denial of myself to deny my attractions.

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