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The mythological association between Venus and the sun has an astronomical foundation.Aveni suggests that it reflects Venus' "unique visual relationship to the sun".According to the Manuscript of Serna, a missionary report from central Mexico, the natives "adored and made more sacrifices" to Venus than any other "celestial or terrestrial creatures" apart from the sun.The Manuscript also tells us that: The reason why this star was held in such esteem by the lords and people, and the reason why they counted their days by this star and yielded reverence and offered sacrifices to it, was because these deluded natives thought or believed that when one of their principal gods, named Topilzin or Quetzalcoatl, died and left this world, he transformed himself into that resplendent star. Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as "quetzel bird-snake" or "plumed serpent".These divisions in the synodic period are almost certainly intended to mark the four principal apparitions of Venus - visibility as morning star, invisibility at superior conjunction, visibility as evening star, and invisibility at inferior conjunction.Venus' period of visibility as morning star begins with its heliacal rise--- the date on which it rises with the sun.

The midpoint of this period of invisibility is the moment of superior conjunction.

When it rises at sunset once again, it is lost behind the earth's shadow at inferior conjunction before re-appearing again as morning star.

Above the red numbers (separated from them by a block of text) are black numbers that record a running total from page 46 to page 50.

Cosmical rise, when Venus rises at sunset in the west, is associated with evening and death.

The period of invisibility between disappearance in the west at sunset and heliacal rise in the east marks Venus' sojourn in the underworld.

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The timing of wars to coincide with the rise of Venus was adopted in the Maya area in the Classical period, and is associated with "Tlaloc war cult", which seems to have originated at Teotihaucan in Central Mexico.

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