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They'll tell me they are positive, but they are just not willing to put it in there. It's been a long time since I showed up for a date and then had to disclose over coffee, or over dinner. The funniest story I can think of is, one time I was doing a workshop and there was a new volunteer who was working behind the scenes. Perry Halkitis: David, what do you say to a person who is HIV positive who says, "You know, I'm really attracted to someone and I want to have sex with them. David Salyer: Well, that does come up a lot of times when I am facilitating group discussions. If I'm in a group, for instance, the group's dynamic will take over, and they will try to get that person to understand that they need to disclose. So it's really about the other person's right to choose to accept that risk.For some reason, they think it's so courageous of me just to be honest about it. I had done a safer sex presentation, and after this workshop, a guy came up to me and asked me out on a date. Typically they know already, and I don't have to disclose on a date. At the point that I think this may get serious, I'm going to disclose. Now, what I usually do, if I'm talking one-on-one to somebody, I'll say, "What's really going on here? Do you have some discomfort around talking about sex with somebody? " Because I feel like you have to get to their emotions about it, what's going on with them. So I'm supposed to tell them the news, and say, 'By the way, I could be positive? No matter how great or how small it is; it's not my place to negotiate anybody else's risk, at all.Change your view of life, having HIV does not prevent you from dating or enjoying life, you can share your feelings, photos, and moments to others in Hzone.Living a more positive life by discovering and sharing.All those things are difficult enough, for anybody, even without HIV.HIV is just another element in a very complex array of things that people have to balance. Nina, your situation is different from that of anyone else here.Which is, when we're talking about dating and being an HIV-positive person, HIV is not the only thing that's in the mix, right?

I think that was a large part of why I never moved on from that unhealthy relationship, why I stayed in it for two years -- because I didn't think anybody else would want me. David, I know you have pretty funny stories about disclosing.

Because I think that being gay and HIV positive, and being in your 40s ... I've been single, now, five and a half years, so I have been on more than my fair share of dates. I think I have found the best way for me, personally. So, no oral sex, nothing else beyond kissing without disclosure. David Salyer: I think that's the most uncomfortable conversation to have, when you're in bed already.

I was never really comfortable meeting guys in a bar and trying to have that conversation over loud disco music. Because now you can go online, and you can post a profile of yourself, with pictures, and you can write a paragraph. David Salyer: I'm never going to climb into bed with someone unless they know. When you've already entered the bedroom and you're starting to take your clothes off, to me that's just not the time to start disclosing your HIV status.

Did that have anything to do with HIV, or just anger about a breakup?

Nina Martinez: I think it was anger about the breakup, and it was kind of a way for him to tell me that nobody else would want me, that I was lucky that he wanted me, or something.

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