Is ochocinco dating a basketball wife

Anfisa is a material girl, and, unfortunately, she is living in our world.The TLC “90 Day Fiance” subject is also the absolute worst.[Laughs] Do you think basketball stars cheat more than football players? You see them playing and it's not like they have helmets on.They're tall, so as soon as they walk into a room or a nightclub you can tell.The show’s finale aired back in September and in her VH1 interview following the finale, Rubi stated she and Chad were indeed together and that Chad told her the rumors that he was dating Evelyn were false.

According to TMZ, which was first to break the news, the 37-year-old mom-to-be is around six months along. She included a photo of the two walking on the beach, her hand on her mom's growing baby bump.

I have my own business, a high-end shoe store called Dulce in Coral Gables, Florida. So I'm not going to revolve my life around Chad and I think that's important.

I want to have my own money and my own things to do, because if that relationship doesn't work…it was a nightmare for me when I moved out of my ex's house.

As the future wife of a famous athlete, are you concerned that Chad will cheat on you?

It's not something that I worry about because if I did, I would go crazy.

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