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New directors for the third season included David Warren, Sanaa Hamri, and Matthew Diamond.

Cherry's decision to advance the storylines by six months for the third season premiere came as a response to the series' problematic second season.

Marcia Cross portrayed Bree Hodge, widower and mother of two, struggling to be perfect in every aspect.

Former model Gabrielle Solis, portrayed by Eva Longoria, has to deal with her upcoming motherhood and an unexpected divorce.

Kiersten Warren also returned to the series as Nora Huntington after being introduced at the end of the second season.

On her storyline, Warren commented, "There's a lot of families who are going through this.

John Pardee, Joey Murphy, and Chris Black continued to serve as co-executive producers.Daily commented, "When we came on in season three, the mandate was to bring the show back to its roots.That meant having plotlines spring from relatable experiences, no matter how operatic or convoluted." For the season's main mystery, Cherry and the writers wanted to incorporate more of the series' regular characters rather than bringing in various new ones, like they had done in the second season with Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard) and her family.Alexandra Cunningham, Jenna Bans, Kevin Etten, Josh Senter, and Dahvi Waller returned to the writing staff and were joined by Susan Nirah Jaffee, Brian A.Alexander, Christian Mc Laughlin, Valerie Ahern, and Jeff Greenstein. Shaw and Grossman continued to direct episodes, as did Wendey Stanzler.

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Cherry stated that he regretted most of the second season, as scheduling problems made it difficult to plan the season's storylines.

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