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I'm 46 and yeah I want to date someone younger, so what? (giggles_n_laffs) wrote this on her profile I am not making this up at all?

Seriously I have never had a website tell me what I could and couldn't do? I don't want to date women my age because they are all dried up and tied up. I am going to post a few "highlights" from actual ad's on the site.

(we are all in this mess called life together and just passing thru---manners count my mother said) Bottom line: Better to be alone than with the American nightmare no matter how beautiful she is. So put your man pants on and say "No Way" when you see a bad relationship coming your way---No matter how beautiful she is!

I have chatted with a couple of nice guys, but then you get bombarded with weirdos usually with no or little profile information and no photo.

Think I've signed up for a membership and either have close it down membership finishes or block weirdos. t HE SITE IS OK THE WOMAN ARE MOSTLY HORRIBLE EVEN FAT ONES WANT GREAT LOOKING MAN WITH A TON OF MONEY I AM ABOVE AVERAGE LOOKING MAN EDUCATED HAVE MONEY WAS INSULTED ONE SAID YAH WANTTO MEET A MAN BUT NOT YOU.But common sense told me not to see this woman again; and after chatting with many, many pof women, to basically not see (date) 99.9% percent of them. IMHO Older American women on pof, for the most part, are cunning, calculating, cold blooded players who have dated fifty, sixty 100 plus men in their eternal search for the BBD---the bigger, better deal.... The women my age all act like they are puritans and Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm. IMHO they want security now that they are old, in the form of some duffus with money who never had a spine.And American women on pof seem to have no problem going out with 100 different men till they find the perfect chump. And to be fair, there are a lot of aggressive jerks on pof women deal with. There is also gold in them thar' hills if you want to waste a lifetime looking for it.But guess what it's very important to look at the site as a whole.Because these are the kinds of people you're going to encounter on Plenty Of Fish. I received countless spam from fake users, and when I do connect with someone, my account magically disappears like a $#*! This site has poor screening and dating algorithms, it charges money for some features that should be basic and offers poor monthly plans for what they would provide.

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