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The act provides that the supplemental privilege tax on prescriptions will cease to be imposed if CMS fails to approve the increased dispensing fee. Act 2015-538, HB29, amends Sections 29-9-3, 29-9-4, 29-9-5, and 29-9-6, Code of Alabama 1975, relating to the Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act, to change the calculation of the fiscal year appropriation cap by: (1) removing the provision allowing 40 percent of the growth from the last completed fiscal year to be added to the cap when the percentage growth in the Education Trust Fund (ETF) exceeds the 15-year average growth rate; and (2) adding to the cap the amounts currently required to be appropriated from the ETF to the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) Program for fiscal years 2016 through 2027, pursuant to existing law.The act requires permitted wholesalers to stamp all packages of cigarettes and to collect the applicable taxes on other tobacco products for tobacco products sold to a reservation tobacco vendor in this state and provides for the refund of taxes paid by tribal members on cigarettes or other tobacco products purchased within the boundaries of a federally recognized Indian reservation.The act also requires all revenue derived from the increased taxes levied by the act to be deposited into the State General Fund for the Medicaid Program. Act 2015-536, HB12, amends Section 40-26B-21, Code of Alabama 1975, relating to nursing facilities and the privilege assessment on nursing facilities, to add a secondary supplemental assessment of 1.28 for each bed in the nursing facility for fiscal years 20, contingent upon a minimum general fund appropriation to the Medicaid Program in the 2016 fiscal year. Act 2015-537, HB8, creates a supplemental privilege tax of 15 cents for each prescription filled or refilled for a citizen of this state beginning September 1, 2015, to be collected during fiscal years 20 and distributed to the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The tenant/respondent filed an affidavit by way of an application praying for leave to defend the eviction proceeding after delay of 8 days from the date of service of notice upon him. After filing of the eviction proceeding, summons was issued in compliance with Section 25(3) (a) of the Rent Act to the tenant/respondent to appear before the Rent Controller on a specified date for the purpose of defending the eviction proceeding.

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  1. This is called (Sahih Bukhari) Now it is important to note that Allah never prohibits something unless it is harmful to us. First, most reports of sexual abuse are not committed by strangers. So, overwhelmingly, it is those people who you are out on a ‘date’ with that commit these crimes.