Mate choice in an online dating site

According to Whitty and Carr (2006), this may lead to misrepresentation in online profiles.

How people misrepresent themselves In Whitty and Carr’s study, participants reported that they would be annoyed at anyone who didn’t really tell the truth in their dating profiles, yet they reported that they lied in their own profiles, with the main motivation behind lying being to attract a suitable partner.

Finally, males misrepresented their interests 10% of the time, compared to 0% of the time for females. You can’t glean much from online dating alone, and the information you get may be misrepresented.

You may argue that it is quite often the case for people to be untruthful or misrepresent themselves in face to face encounters also.

Four points in time were used which were: In an online dating environment, only the first two stages outlined above would be available, that is ‘can tell without talking to them’ (viewing their profile picture) and ‘would be obvious after only a brief conversation’ (brief period of online chat).

Females were more likely to use an outdated photo or misrepresent their looks than males.

Lying in a photo perhaps meaning using a profile picture which was more than one year out of date.

Females also need to ensure that they secure a mate who exhibits good parenting skills and also a mate who has the resources to support them and their offspring (Miller & Todd, 1998).

Females therefore need a lot more information before committing.

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Based on this definition, and findings from research and qualitative interview material, it will be shown that online dating markets are not at all an exceptional phenomenon in the context of couple formation.

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