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They have fun things like “Flirt of the Year” and “Flirt of the Month” which rewards the top cam girls on the site for the whole year at hand. There is even a Hall of Fame which shows you which honeys hold certain superlatives on the site.It shouldn’t be surprising that some of the same cam girls have multiple titles.

Anytime I am having problems with my computer they are there to help for free.

I probably saved over 0 in computer repairs over the last couple years with them.

Pros They helped me get my new rental when I needed proof of employment. I guess if you are good with managing money getting paid every 2 weeks is ok but I am not a good saver.

Anyways, if you're looking for a good jerk, you can't go wrong here with all of the girls who are online and ready to play!

This site has always been on my personal list of favorites.

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