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Tacoma Guitars was considered a big acquisition for Fender in 2004. But soon the artisans and workers found themselves making not Tacoma but Guild guitars.

All that is left of Sunn is a web page that links you to Fender customer service. Visits to music retailers did not show many high-end Ovation Guitars offered for sale.

Gretsch still owns the brand, but entered an agreement with Fender to manufacture and market the brand. I recently checked out my Ovation Classical Electric guitar. It still has a great tone and is louder than any of my other guitars.

Historically, American made Ovation guitars have depreciated in price through the years, while other brands have appreciated in worth.

Recently the following information was released to the news: “Ovation Guitars that are made-in-the-USA, will cease production, as parent company Fender Musical Instruments announced on April 23, 2014.

Citing “current market conditions and insufficient volume levels,” Fender officials released a statement saying production would cease in New Hartford, Connecticut by June, displacing 46 employees.

Precisely calibrated sound holes on the bass side also add a little extra low-end thump making single notes more defined and clear.

Ovation guitars, however, will continue to be built outside the U. Bill Schultz did a great thing in acquiring the brand after the CBS years. Sometime ago FMIC (Fender Musical Instrument Company) went on an acquisition spree and either bit off more than they could chew or just decided to buy off the competition. All that is left on the FMIC brands site is a page that says "We are Seasoning the Wood" suggesting there may be a comeback. Tacoma Guitars ceased production shortly after the Fender acquisition. Jol Datzig, one of the owners and the main designer left in 2010 now runs his own company and is making high grade guitars. Kaman chose to divest itself of the music business in 2008 and sold the brand and assets to Fender Musical Instruments.He refreshened the brand, reinvigorated it and ran a superb company. Sunn Amplification was founded by former Kingsmen bass player Norm Sundholm. They attempted to revive the brand, however nothing ever happened with Sunn Amplification. Paul Hamer runs a retail framing business in Chicago and Frank Utmeyer left and went to work for C. In my opinion Fender did not put much effort into marketing anything but the Asian made products.After this Westerly closed up the shop, leaving its employees without jobs.Guild production in Corona was short-lived, as Fender acquired the assets of Washington-based Tacoma Guitar Company in 2004, and moved all American Guild acoustic production to Tacoma, Washington.

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S.; the brand has production locations in China, South Korea and Indonesia.” In my opinion, this is very sad news. His Martin was hanging on his office wall when he noticed some cracks in the wood.

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