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He is the father of Brandon Walker, Theo Carver and Lani Price.

Abe grows up in Salem with his brothers, Theo and Jonah.

Valerie Grant and singer Tamara Price, with whom he fathered a daughter Lani Price.

Before Abe's promotion to police chief, he meets and marries Alexandra (Lexie) Brooks.

He has a relationship with a woman named Nikki Wade, but this is cut short after he stands her up at a débutante ball in favor of heading up a drug bust.

He was also in two short-lived relationships with Dr.

They end up finding and saving Marlena and catching Stefano but are unable to prosecute him, because only Stefano has a drug that can save Roman's life.

Abe, Lexi, and John Black help break Stefano out of jail and later he is pardoned for his crimes after returning to Salem with the drug Roman needed.

She reports the existence of her secret Swiss bank account to her husband, Roman Brady.Just after their marriage, Lexie searches through Aremid's files for her adoption records.She finds out that her aunt Frankie Brooks (Celeste Perrault) is actually her mother and that her father is Stefano Di Mera.After some time, Abe and Brandon embrace each other as family, and have since had a good relationship. He is the first victim of the 2003 Salem serial killer.Months later he turns up on a remote tropical island, (melaswen/newsalem) which is a complete replica of Salem.

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Conflict has risen many times in Abe and Lexie's marriage due to the presence of Stefano in their life.

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