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The questions went as follows: “Do you have any pain in your joints or muscles?

“If I told you there were medical breakthroughs in non-habit forming, pain relieving topical creams, would you be interested?

I therefore sought to address the following issues during my visit: (1) Age of the nitrate print; (2) Provenance; (3) Condition, and (4) Content.

I was also hoping to identify any material within the NZFA print which may be additional to negatives produced during original filming in Germany between 1925-6.

One negative was used to produce Fritz Lang’s 13,701 ft (4189 metres) version which premiered in Berlin on 10 January 1927.

A second negative was sent to the United States at the end of 1926 and edited by local playwright Channing Pollock.

The NZFA copy is in good physical condition and substantially complete.

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