Questions to ask at speed dating

Common questions are your favorites like color, food, movie or book.

If you can have some of these answers already planned it will help put you at ease as the night goes on.

Once the matches have been decided, they will contact you with your particular list of names and numbers and the rest is up to you.

Your time is limited to about five or ten minutes and half of that time will be your partner asking you questions, so you really have to hit on your most important questions early on.At the end of the event everyone hands their papers in stating who they are interested in seeing again and who they are not.The company holding the event will then evaluate everyones forms and match those pairs who both choose to see each other again.This year Career Day will be much more productive than in the past few years. So it is critical that you plan to attend and network with all of the companies that hire people in your major. Speed Dating is all about asking questions and answering them with all honesty. ", how about trying these ten questions you can use in your speed dates that would really bring out the best in your date. What are you most passionate about What kind of movies/ music/ TV shows do you like? (note that you should not divulge you company name) What have you learned from your past relationship?

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