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Sockets on computers and network devices are known as "ports." A network port is also called a LAN port -- LAN stands for local area network -- which is an industry term for a private network.

The latest series of Ethernet standards covers networks that can transfer data at more than a thousand million bits per second -- a gigabit LAN.

RJ45 is the common name for connecting the network cable to the computer.

The standards recommend different cable types for each level of performance.

For some of the older members who preferred the old design format, we will be allowing the members who are subscribed to choose which format they would like, the new or the old.The name is not completely accurate as it is a code allotted to a type of telephone jack by the US Federal Communication Commission.The "RJ" in RJ45 stands for "Registered Jack" and all telephone connectors approved for use in the United States have an RJ code.This plug holds a connection by keeping the metal strips in the plug and socket in contact.The LAN port connects directly to the computer's network adapter and it is this connection between network adapters over cable that forms a network.

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