Rihanna talks about her dating life on ellen

During a recent concert, Kodak shared a selection from his upcoming Weezy collaboration: The crowd went wild and fans got to hear about a minute of Wayne's distinctive voice.Kodak seems genuinely excited about the prospect of sharing a record with the "Lollipop" MC.The first new show is May 31 in Richmond, Virginia and the last scheduled date is July 22 in Sacramento, California.American Express Card Members can purchase tickets beginning November 10 at 10 a.m. Tickets for the public go on sale November 17, the release day for Mc Graw & Hill's first-ever collaboration album.Sorry about that BUT' I am making a Christmas album. I am going to put some songs up tonight that my friend Ljay Currie produced for me over the summer that I feel are motivational.""We both say its fine if you download them so I sign my own permission slip," she wrote.The R&B infused "Going Up" includes slick beats and rapid-fire vocals, while "Good" features smooth rhythms that compliment her raps about pursuing a music career when she was younger."I pulled myself out of a really, really, really tough place," she says now (via People) about the situation."I don't want to say it's the best place I've ever been because there's always room to go higher -- or get higher," King shared. I do this thing, I call it protecting my joy, and there's like a 10-foot radius around me that's like a bum-out-free zone.I took a lot of things out of my life that were dead weight, and I just have a different outlook; I just surround myself with better people and just make music all the time.

The current 80-date North American run of sold-out shows has been extended by more than 25 additional dates.West and Kardashian definitely left their imprint on the 10,000 square foot residence, stripping it down to the studs and rebuilding it from the ground up at a cost well into the millions. Silicon Valley-based Ukrainian philanthropist Marina Acton, who is pursuing a career in music.Read more(Radio.com) Elle King has opened up about her whirlwind courtship, marriage and divorce from ex-husband Andrew Ferguson."I remember like 10 years ago/ I wanted my name up in bold/ I wanted my name up in lights/ I wanted to rock every show," she spits.She practiced, posed and dreamed of being a star, she raps.

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The Grammy-nominated singer secretly wed Ferguson last year after just a few weeks of the pair getting together, while publicly announcing their engagement and wedding plans.

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