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The Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen as it was known began production in a broad array of shapes, colors and decoration, and in 1719 Augustus brought to the factory top painters and sculptures to create revolutionary new designs and colors for the company.

Meissen was unchallenged for supremacy until the mid 1750s by the French royal factory at Sevres, France.

Meissen is more than 1000 years old, founded by King Henry I in 929 AD with the castle "Misni".

Meissen is really a fortress town, and several 13th and 14th century Gothic cathedrals domintate the skyline of the town, along with the Albrechtsburg Castle which stands at the original site of the Meissen Porcelain Works.

Meissen's trademark of crossed swords, derived from Augustus' coat of arms, is known the world over as a mark of the finest quality and a great history.

Printed marks incorporating the name of the pattern are subsequent to 1810.The Royal Worcester mark basically comprises the Kerr& Binns circular device, inside which are four cursive "W"s, with a crown added at the top.These marks can occur impressed or printed over the glaze.Marks incorporating the word 'Limited', or the abbreviations 'Ltd', 'Ld', etc., denote a date after 1861, and most examples are much later.Incorporation of the words 'Trade Mark' in a mark denotes a date subsequent to the Act of 1862.

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The town of Meissen was renamed in 1776 to be Albrechtsburg after the castle.

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