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By this time Blok was established as a leader of Russian Symbolism, though some of his peers accused him of betraying the ideals reflected in his first collection.In his best years Alexander Blok was often compared with Alexander Pushkin and had an enormous influence on younger poets.The situation worsened when Blok’s friend and fellow Symbolist Andrey Bely also fell in love with Lyubov Blok. My sweet friend, and in this quiet home, Beats a fever me, the same.I can’t find a place in quiet home By its always peaceful flame!Many of his colleagues, such as Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Nabokov and Boris Pasternak, wrote important verse tributes in his honour.Being an outstanding symbolist, Blok created a complicated system of poetic symbols.Night, a streetlight, a street, a chemist's, All in a dim and useless light.In the next twenty-five years They'll still prevail, against one's plight.

He’s single to bear his hard cross Whose spirit is unmoved in rightness, His fire on high hills he burns, And breaks a curtain of the darkness.

He grew in mother's family where the boy were exposed to literature from the cradle, as the members of his family were writers and translators. Petersburg University, but three years later he switched to Philology as he decided to devote his life to literature.

His father was a law professor in Warshaw, but Alexander didn't konw him well, because their parents separated soon after his birth.

He began to write poetry at the age of five, his first serious work came at the age of 18.

In early years Block's creativity was inspired by the by the early 19th-century Romantic poetry of Vasily Zhukovsky and Alexander Pushkin.

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