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TV shows, movies, and pop culture clearly reinforce these stereotypes.Over and over again, males have been fueled by a cultural idea that they are inherently stronger, faster, and generally better than females, and our society considers it embarrassing to “lose” to one.I continued my run, and not thirty seconds later, he came sprinting by until he had outrun me by about 20 yards, then returning to a casual pace.

I was further struck by the inherent obviousness of these circumstances.This member has chosen to remain anonymous, but their message should be read as if they are both your best friend and the stranger you just met for the first time.The Tribe is Strong, but we can and will be better.To bring it up might even seem petty – it was one competitive guy, right?The number of occurrences, though, does not feel normal.

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November Project’s value system clearly defines the time and space shared within the tribe as being inclusive, supportive, motivating, inspiring, and geared towards the growth of all people who put forth the effort to #justshowup.

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