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He greatly exaggerated the number of dead on his side, blamed his rivals in the press, and insisted a wide-ranging conspiracy was the real impetus behind the clash, while providing no real evidence to back-up the existence of such a conspiracy. in his attempt to justify the violence and church-burnings,” wrote historian John A. Levin, Portrait of an American Demagogue,” describing Levin’s argument as “characteristically emotional rather than rational.” (A portrayal that more than a few observers have applied to a certain bombastic billionaire running in our current election season.) Another thing Lewis C. Trump was his ability to continually defy those who predicted his demise.Philadelphia’s bloody week was not, as some expected, the end of Lewis Levin, but rather the start of an upward climb that would soon elevate him to the center of mid-nineteenth-century American politics.But like so many politicians, Levin was known more for what he opposed than for what he supported.He became a passionate anti-duel advocate following his own misadventure, and also denounced the vile, immoral nature of the theater.“Parties reeled, politicians changed and cowered before the fiery eloquence of this daring reformer,” wrote John W.Forney, the Clerk of the House of Representatives during Levin’s era.“Men with their wives, and often six or seven children, trudging fearfully through the streets … carrying away from their homes whatever they could pick up at that instant.” While Levin was widely pinpointed for inciting the violence, in the days to come the charismatic speaker accepted not a hint of blame.In a heated defense, he asserted that his followers had nothing but peaceful intentions until “an armed body of ferocious foreigners” assaulted them.

While far from the only politician espousing such views at the time, Levin was unique in that, like Trump two centuries later, he “knew how to make an open and coarse appeal to the passions of the populace,” as Forman put it – and in this he “was aided by the technology of the times.” Not Twitter, but the steam-powered ‘penny press’ that had recently ushered in the age of mass-produced tabloids and thus, “enabled a ne’er-do-well like Levin to purchase newspapers and to use them as cheap vehicles through which communication with the masses was possible.” For all his bellicose rants and doomsday proclamations, Levin was more than a two-dimensional caricature of an angry white man.

(Although perhaps no more surprising than a candidate professing love and respect for his Jewish son-in-law while retweeting an image of the Star of David atop a pile of money).

Levin himself was no Mayflower descendant, but in fact a first-generation American.

Even more confounding, he was born not to a Protestant family but to a Jewish one, with a father who emigrated from England.

Yet his determination to preserve America for “Native Americans” (in those days the term referred to native-born whites) steered the course of his life while upending the politics of the time.

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