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Program Description: Multicultural roots form the core of New Orleans' identity.

Members include New Orleanians with roots in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia.Contessa Entellina / Kundisa provides historical and genealogical information about the Contessioti.People of East, Southeast, and South Asian descent live throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area, particularly in the suburbs.The colonial and early national periods, roughly 1700-1810. Part of the City Archives were in an offsite storage facility that sustained heavy roof damage during Katrina; the materials have been removed for remediation or (if judged not of historical significance) destruction; the materials sent offsite had all been microfilmed. Paul Alliot and Various Spanish, French, English, and American Officials. Louis of New Orleans: Containing Folios from the Beginning up to the Present.In addition to an overview of French, Spanish, German, Haitian and "American" populations, there was special emphasis on using archival resources to reconstruct the experience of the largest group of immigrants during this period: people of African descent, including Creole African-Americans and free people of color. Louisiana Imprints, 1768-1810: in Supplement to the Bibliography in "Early Printing in New Orleans." : Hattiesburg, Miss.: The Book Farm, 1942. "The English language as spoken in New Orleans has been influenced by the city's rich and varied history, leaving it with dozens of unique words and phrases that all New Orleanians understand but which frequently baffle visitors." People of sub-Saharan African descent or partial African descent formed the largest element in the population of New Orleans during the colonial period, as they do today.

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