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But when the showing began, the first floor of Newark’s historic Midland Theatre was packed with some 750 people.“I knew it was important and valuable to the community,” said Babette Wofter, the library's director, "but the response exceeded expectations.” People arrived early to save spots for family.I can’t be sure what I’ll be like.” The family of Arnold Lamp, Jr.offered a tape recording of his voice, wry and sarcastic, telling his family about war. "That was the first time I’d ever been shot at, and I don’t like it.” Stout spent nine months compiling the materials, conducting interviews and editing.The library has produced two other films — a 30-minute documentary about Pearl Harbor and a 90-minute feature about Licking County soldiers’ roles on D-Day. The scorn that some Vietnam veterans had to endure after returning home was unprecedented.Both were shown at small viewings at the Licking County Library. Stout realized there was no easy way to present the narrative, so he decided to tell the stories of those who couldn’t speak for themselves ― the 46 local men with ties to Licking County who lost their lives in Vietnam.May we make sure these men never die the second death.” DVD copies of the film can be purchased for at the Licking County Main Library, 101 W.

“And I’m going to miss them.” The theater’s renovated interior was one reason to host the screening at the Midland.But for Stout, the location held greater significance.When the theater was in its heyday, these 46 Licking County natives were kids or teens.He flips through the pages and points to the faces of the young and the old. These are the people who helped him make it through three deployments in Vietnam during the war. We trusted them with our lives.” But the men and women whose pictures fill those pages aren’t his fellow American soldiers.These are the people to whom he owes more than he figures he can ever repay. just because I worked with them,” said the 73-year-old Coulter, who served 16 years in the U. Army as a Special Forces weapons, intelligence and security specialist. They are the Montagnards (meaning “Mountain People”) of Vietnam’s rugged Central Highlands. defense strategists determined that whoever controlled the Central Highlands would win, so the Special Forces recruited the Montagnards as part of the war effort.

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The project has produced an extensive database of photographs, service records, letters, diaries, videos and audio.

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