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If you become frustrated or grow bored with online dating and simply stop using the service without formally quitting or deleting your profile, you can become a zombie yourself.

That means people may still be able to see your profile, which could be uncomfortable if you have a new significant other who stumbles upon it, for instance. If you send a message to someone you found intriguing, you might not hear back because that person hasn’t logged on in six months—not because he or she isn't interested.

If there is anyone out there whose memory still goes back farther than the last tweet, they will remember the American standup comedian, Jerry Seinfeld.

It must have been in the 90s when Seinfeld compared first dates to "a job interview that lasts all night." Today, you'd be lucky if you get past 12 minutes .

As in real life, what could be better than a conversation where the other person can seduce you only by using their way with words?Make particular note of any information on membership expiration as well as payment and cancellation requirements that seem important.Many sites do not normally send members reminders before their credit cards are charged.But if you hide your profile and eventually decide to resume using it, you'll probably need to update your photos and other information."Zombie profiles are not fake profiles but rather real but inactive ones still floating around in the dating website or app ecosystem,” says Scott Kominers, a lecturer in economics at Harvard University who studies online dating.

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It’s always you who decide the rhythm and the speed of getting to know the other person.

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