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If your presets are class-based and the rates for that class have changed, the values will be accurate on the effective date of the change.If you saved any presets by keying in a postage amount instead of selecting a mail class then you must manually change that preset.

The release is the final instalment of Canada Post’s five-year series of hockey stamps.If I log on to the server and reboot, or run ipconfig /registerdns, it will update the timestamp just fine.The computer account has full control in the security settings of its respective record. I tried configuring it to update DNS, which is working for workstations that have DHCP addresses, but I do not think tha these updates work for servers that have static IPs. The objects for the DNS records are stored in either the normal directory partition (if the zone's in 2000-compatible replication mode), the Domain DNSZones partition (if the zone is set to replicate to all DNS servers in the domain), or the Forest DNSZones partition (if the zone is set to replicate to all DNS servers in the forest) -- you probably need to have ADSIEdit connect to the DNS partition. ** **Before you leave a bad review or a 1 star rating, please open a support ticket! bought several of these from ebay and all displayed same problems!

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