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6 million pixels in a quality Pro case these are the first pictures available of the camera taken through a glass case...

Here's what we know about it so far: Focus illuminator / white balance sensor top left front ; Roller style command wheel (front only) ; Portrait handgrip along base with additional shutter release & command wheel ; Matrix, Center-Weighted Average & Spot metering ; Battery compartment in base ; Multiple focus points accessable through "joystick" under thumb (top right rear) ; Custom settings ; One-touch white balance preset ; Manual controls (shutter speeds on right hand dial) ; Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Full Manual, Program, Program presets ; Multiple ISO's ; Continuous, Single and Manual focus modes ; Size: approx D1 size Panasonic's new Lumix DC-G9 is a flagship mirrorless camera with pro-level performance for stills shooters, featuring a 20MP Four Thirds sensor, 20 fps bursts with continuous AF and 6.5 stops of shake reduction.

Between restructuring efforts and Hero6 sales, it seems the company is turning itself around.

The brand new Apple i Phone X got a complete teardown from i Fixit.com, ranking it on par with the i Phone 8 Plus and Google Pixel 2 XL in terms of 'repairability' and giving us a closer look at the dual camera modules on the front and back.

Asked about reliability I got the typical response that they're very happy and other than the obvious "dropped" cases the Microdrive is performing well.

On a similar note it's interesting that the new 1 GB and 512 MB Microdrives have small rubber cushions on the corners to help soak up the initial impact of a drop.

Along similar lines to Kodak's DCS Pro Back (although the Carnival has been around longer), the Carnival 3020 is a six megapixel (24 x 36 mm) medium format back primarily aimed at studio use has a flexible ISO of 50-200 and can be used for single or multiple shots (12, 48, 72 or 192 MB output).

The Carnival has to be used tethered and has no control or LCD display on the camera back itself.

The Microdrive was a step from their 2.5" hard drive development work, they see a large future in Microdrive development and are actively encouraging (and have lots of working relationships with) Digital Camera manufacturers using Microdrives.Fujifilm's digital products took prominence with their full range of "lower end" models on a semicircular table: Finepix 2400Z, Finepix 1300, Finepix 40i and also the 4700Z. Looks to me to be an interesting cameras, we have yet to see what improvements in image quality Fujifilm have managed to squeeze out of the 2.4 megapixel Super CCD but the ergonomics, feature set and that big 6 x optical zoom lens certainly make the 4900Z tempting.Site links: Fuji Film Finepix 4900Z announcement, Fuji Film Finepix 1300 announcement, Fujifilm digital cameras (specs) Most interesting product at HP's stand had to be the new C-912, an SLR 2 megapixel digital camera running the Digita OS and featuring Pentax lenses (also known as the Pentax EI-2000).We can also bring you news of two new HP "point and shoot" (low end) digital cameras not yet announced.. Something we didn't previously know about the C-912 is that it will be bundled with an Infra Red remote control.Site links: HP C-912 / Pentax EI-2000 announcement, HP Digital Cameras (specs) IBM had a small stand displaying the new 512 MB & 1 GB Microdrives.

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