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I have a Mac Book Pro 15" from 2013 and it’s still going strong and the majority of the time it’s plugged into a large display for creative work, coding or whatever. First, it feels like an excuse to not just add touch to the Mac in the first place.While Microsoft is busy letting you touch the entire display, Apple’s making you look down at your keyboard to interact instead — bizarre.But, even though what I saw was interesting, it really feels like Apple has lost its way.It’s strange — there’s nothing actually wrong with what Apple announced: USB-C on the Mac is great, a thinner, more powerful machine is intriguing and, while it’s too early to say, the Touch Bar could possibly be a gimmick, but it could be useful for helping people discover what shortcuts exist as they use the computer.For Windows 10, please use the manual update method.Last night’s Apple event was bizarre — I had been anticipating this show for a while, mostly looking forward to being able to stop telling people not to buy a Mac, because everything was so outdated.

The kicker is Samsung’s suggestion that people contact Microsoft directly about the issue.

Microsoft will surely be unable (and unwilling) to fix this mess for Samsung.

Microsoft started pestering its partners about getting ready for the Windows 10 upgrade about a year and a half ago.

The thing is, I can’t figure out who this is for other than those who are on old machines.

Myself, and everyone else, seems to be wondering what, exactly, is the selling point of this upgrade.

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