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Cheers Michael ==================== IGEL Universal Management Suite ==================== Version 5.02.100 Release date: 2016-04-20 HTML version of this readme is available at – New key attribute ‘Unit ID’ added to thin clients; the unit ID is a unique identifier for a thin client.

It’s quite simple, so if you run already a Nutanix or Citrix environment this is what you’re looking for.[Views] – Fixed issues of view with ‘Flashplayer’ criterion and operator ‘not like’: view did not return any thin clients – Fixed: Views with online criterion can’t be assigned to a scheduled job.– Fixed: Bug in “Send View Result as Mail”, which exported some incorrect columns [Jobs] – Changed name of Job “Update next Reboot” to “Update on Boot” [‘Files’] – Fixed: use ip address of server in file transfer URLs to avoid problems resolving FQDN – Fixed: A file which is assigned to a parent directory of a thin client is sent to the tc even if the file is in the recycle bin.– Fixed: Sending settings to a thin client fails if a file is assigned to the tc several times.[Profiles] – Fixed: Some settings could not be saved on setup pages ‘System/Power Options/Display’ and ‘System/Power Options/System’ – Fixed bug in permission management of profile assignments: assignment panel did not display assigned thin clients – Changed: double click action on directories in profile assignment dialog does no longer assign the folder, but expands the folder instead.

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