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Hello I stumbled accross this post as I was looking for information on updating my 2012 Jeep JKUR to the newer maps.I have read in this thread that I may be able to update the firmware in order to have a black and not blue user interface.The maps that Here/Garmin would like me to purchase for 0 shipping are several versions old, and too many 2013 RHB owners are having issues installing them. As some folks have already found out, the later versions of the RHB (2013 as far as I've read) are having issues with map updates.I wanted to compile some notes from my experiences for anyone who may be using the 2013 version of the RHB and are trying to upgrade their maps. In one instance I had seen on a Chrysler forum, a 2013 user found that the GMA file for the file is required for the map to actually load.I apologize in advance for the ignorance but has anyone tried the 2017.10 maps update successfully on a 2012 430N RHB uconnect head unit yet?If so I would so appreciate someone helping me out so I do not brick my unit.I have been on this site for over 6yrs and never saw this question before.I am 72yrs old and this question is on my bucket list.

And considering that reported errors take YEARS to show up in these updates (if they ever do), I am seriously doubting I would ever pay extra for Lifetime Map Updates in the future. Where I live (Freeport NY) The town made a lot of streets one way (they used to be two way) There could be more places this has happened.The streets are the same, only a different direction.With new maps it might change the route it sends you.I already have the file however the package I downloaded did not have a jcv file.This thread is pretty old so I am hoping someone sees it and can lead me to some help.

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