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But right now, you need to decide what to do about it: We agreed that Microsoft need to make this better, right? I mean it's all well and good for some people to be unhappy with the way updates run today but Keep your operating system and software up-to-date with the latest patches.Vulnerable applications and operating systems are the target of most attacks.As soon as they're required to do something, it'll be neglected which is why Windows Update is so critical.Let's start there: The frustrating part of the debate that ensued after that tweet is not that people weren't security features.Ensuring these are patched with the latest updates greatly reduces the number of exploitable entry points available to an attacker.

The number of mixes and matches of Windows hardware and drivers is unfathomably large, and that's before you throw in all the various software packages that are distributed in all sorts of strange ways. Regardless, it's important to acknowledge how frustrating the experience can be when stuff goes wrong.

As with vaccinations, patches protect the host from nasty things that the vast majority of people simply don't understand.

This is how consumer software these days should be: self-updating with zero input required from the user.

Without doing a thing, when Wanna Cry came along almost 2 months later, the machine was protected because the exploit it targeted had already been patched.

It's because of this essential protection provided by automatic updates that those advocating for disabling the process are being labelled the IT equivalents of anti-vaxxers and whilst I don't fully agree with real world analogies like this, you can certainly see where they're coming from.

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